Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nice Weather, Dogs, and WIld Flowers

Last weekend my saddle time was well spent in Austin.. The cycling awareness in Austin is 100 times more than what it is in Lake Jackson/small town USA, this makes training so much more fun. Not to mention that its impossible to go more 5 min without seeing another cyclist. Already looking for another opportunity for another Austin training weekend... Also looking at job opportunities in the area, so if anyone knows of an opportunity for employment of a sleepy redneck, Holla Atcha Boy!

So besides the riding... my old friend Cooter has a step brother to play with now.

And the Blue Bonnets are everywhere.... Sorry about the "junk" in the pictures, driving while taking pictures doesn't lend itself to the best quality shots..

Gotta love the scenery....

Watcha Gonna do with ALL that Junk?????

Pace Less Hammer More!!!!