Friday, November 9, 2007

I dont get it!!!

No soap box here, just somethings that I don't understand. Smoking!!!! Who does this anymore?? Could it be the fact that I've concerned myself with my health and achieving new Pr's for every aspect of life? Smoking doesn't fit into my plan nor does it interest me? Honestly, its a pretty common thing these days to see the lack of popularity of those that smoke. The dangers are well known and we are inundated with all the negatives on a daily basis.
OK, so I know that no one reads these things, but I still wont get too personal with it. I work for one of these huge construction companies that does work all over the world. These days the safety factor can make or break a budget. In the old days there was a formula that basically came to one death per million dollars spent on construction. In today's world safety is scrutinized so that the chances of a finger prick is minimized by taking time to inform and educate the labor force on the importance of job site safety so everyone can get home safely.
My next point, in order for any company to be successful its imperative that only the best are hired and trained to enforce the policies of a company. 20 years ago the title "safety man" didn't exist, if it did it was a token job given to someone that was injured on the job. Unfortunately there was no training at the time and it was a job that required only observations and paperwork after an accident has taken place. In today's construction world college degrees and years or experience are required to become a "safety man," a light duty injury wouldn't qualify someone for this position. These "safety people" are required to inform and lecture almost like a clergyman to a congregation. The one major point that I has been beaten into me since I started digging ditches when I was 18 years old, is that safety on the job is as important as safety at home. The techniques are the same thus should the policies even at home.
Now, with all that said. Why do I walk out of the gym every morning and get hit in the face with a fast ball of cigarette smoke!!! And who's smoking these cigarettes, take a guess??? The same people who lecture me about my personal safety...
As Triathletes we can all appreciate the feeling we get after a good workout. Our endorphins are going crazy, blood is pumping, and were on top of the world. The last thing we want to do is walk through a wall of smoke built by a group of people that are "qualified" in personal safety and health....

Honestly, I don't care if people smoke, and I don't care about the tobacco companies. I could careless about smokers getting cancer, they know the dangers. I'm just annoyed by morons with ego's and the do as I say not as I do policy. Smoke all you want, just please go down wind. Just as I don't want to smell your fart I don't want to smell your smoke!!!

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." - Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign.
Maybe it was a soap box after all....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stop looking at me Swan!

OK please ignore the title. I know nobody reads these things, but I feel a bad quote from a silly movie is in order.

This past week has been good and bad for my training. About a month ago I started sticking with some swim workouts I got online, and from some other reading material. Its true, I would never have believed this! but if there is a smart person that is willing to pass on good information it will benefit me.. What an amazing concept! I should listen to others more often. All that time when I was out playing games and not studying my parents told me I needed to study and not act like a moron. I THOUGHT they were kidding!!!! Then I find out that most people finish college in like 4 or maybe even 5 years.. Humm, Here I was thinking there were all gifted! Why didn't someone tell me that good advice is truly that, good advice!!! Now I know!! Thanks a lot Mom.. Long story short, Next year Clydesdale's beware!!! If you see what appears to be a sinking elephant, don't worry its only me.

And somehow that was the good! The bad is a reality that I'm possible too big and goofy for the long course races. It has now been a month since the half, I'm still limited to running about 3 miles before the pain in my knee sets in. The time is counting down to get back into running before the marathon. I'll give it a few more weeks then I'll consider the half marathon, if its not better by December, I'll post my bib on Craigslist.. Reality is starting to set in that I'm not the 21 year old that I see in the mirror. Not that I really want be him anymore... :) (I'm not 21 in that pic, but its the oldest one I have)
This little guy is forcing me to grow up and feel like an adult. I know that doesn't mean that I cant be athletic, and compete in Tri's, but it does tell me that I need to use a bit more thought when it comes to planning my workouts and my seasons. So I can make it to the next season without injury...

I see that most people close with a deep quote that requires some thought to process, but since no one reads these, I'll quote Tupac

“I don't mean to sound sleazy but tease me I don't want it if it's that easy.”

I'm not sure that what means, might require some self interpretation???