Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Top ten warning signs you've entered a race for real Clydesdales...

10. Competitors are loaded into stalls before the start.

9. Hay in the transition area.

8. Event sponsors are Budweiser and Quaker Oats.

7. The race T-shirt comes in one size: XXXXXXXXXXXL and has FOUR arm holes.

6. A beer truck follows you on the bike and run.

5. Race numbers are applied with hot iron instead of magic marker .

4. Bike helmets are optional but blinders are not.

3. Someone offers to help you put on your footwear and he is holding a hammer and nails.

2. There is a guy on your back and he starts hitting you with a crop during the last half mile.

And the number one warning sing that you've entered a race for realClydesdales...

1. The competitor next to you falls, breaks their leg, and is immediately shot in the head.