Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Hero....

Fellow blogger Ryan ( (Someone please help me with this link thing....) got me thinking about a motivational hero for 2008. A person that when thought of inspires me to train harder or better. I so looked around and Faris Al Sultan seemed interesting to me. I found a podcast interview in which he seemed really cool and laid back, and he still rocked the speedo's. He talked about his fathers nationality and being Muslim and how it mixed with triathlon. I can relate to the Arab background and this was cool to me, its always compelling to hear about 2nd generation success stories. If someone would have described to my father 35 years ago the family he has today he would have told them they were out of their mind. OK, I'm off topic sorry...

So, I slept on that thought of "is this guy capable of being a hero" the answer is no.. Not to me, Faris (translates to Knight) is a natural athlete, he still has to work hard but not as hard as lets say Matt Reed... Now Matt Reed is a big dude, 6'5" Nickname "Boom Boom" again I can relate to his disadvantage.. But he's not inspiring to me, Impressive yes very much so, but Boom Boom isn't getting me out of bed at 4am to train.

My inspiration comes from the local newspaper that highlights the accomplishments of young high school students. The most recent phenom is Lauren Smith, at 16 years old shes doing great things. Breaking records and with dreams of being in the Olympics, whats more inspiring than that? Or think of Steve Prefontaine his story (although it has holes in it) will lend a hand to the eye of the tiger.

I need to end this post, unfortunately I don't have an answer for Mr Caught on the Run. I've come up with a few possible answers...

1. I've driven by those with whom I race with and email daily speaking Language O' triathlon.

2 The fact that most of my training sessions are at the expense of my preggers wife's time/sanity and I want to make the best of it.

3. Most of all I think its the fact that until I met triathlon my life was job, job, job. My friends were work related, activities, social events, etc.... Could it be selfishness, or could it be me wanting to crank up the competitive creature inside. Like when I was that teenager with huge dreams wanting to see the moon!!!!

OK, Enough of the seriousness.... this isn't me... is anyone reading this, am I talking to myself???

Pace Less Hammer More!

Europeans don't seem to have the groupie mentality. Kid Rock

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Triathlon Imagery

Triathlon imagery! What a wonderful thing, I guess? However, my mind is simple, almost Neanderthal like. It processes information slowly and without much reaction. Therefore, over the last few months, concepts like imagery and thought control have passed through it but as usual, no light bulb turned on. I’ve been waiting for this chain reaction similar to that of a grand finally at a 4th of July firework display.

I’m kidding it’s not that bad. I’ve heard about imagery before and how the best athletes are able to train and perform while blocking out negative thoughts. Concentration is difficult when waking up early to get in a workout then putting in a full day at work and trying to juggle a family, routine duties, and more training in the evening, day after day…. How about the thoughts of pain and boredom on those long swims? Or a conflict at work that replays in your head on a long run? All of which are taking away from the training session and the future performance. Ok, so what’s the solution? A higher confidence level? A life without tension, anger, depression, or chaos? A better job? Excessive amounts of descressionary cash? Who knows??? Maybe there is someone out there with a some back ground on the subject who can “learn” me something (Jane)(Oh wait, no one is reading this). Until then I will just hope that finding pleasure in training and racing will be all the motivation I need. As soon as my wife suggests that I need to see a therapist will be the day I go pro, LexaPro that is… Deep thinking isn’t my specialty (because I have no specialty, or the mental capacity to have a deep thought) I’m exhausted at this sad attempt to achieve a meaningful thought. HUH... once again I dont think that makes any sense..

Now, As I mentioned in my last post, we (Diet Coke and I) BROKE up. I was shackled to the wonderful silver can and now I’ve been freed from the Dungeness hells of aspartame! This leads me into my next battle dealing with a horrible accusation someone (Ryan) made about me in the comments of my last post. Although I have set some weight loss goals that are achievable anything further would require the amputation of both of my legs and arms. Remember the Black Knight? "Tis mearly a flesh wound" !

Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance. ~
Mr. Miyagi